Here at Concordia we believe that together we can learn how to live and love like Jesus. Three times a year we gather in groups for a once a week gathering to learn and support each other in the journey of faith.  

Groups will start again on April 22nd.   Feel free to jump in any where down the line.  Feel free to ask Melissa Salomon any questions you might have about groups here at Concordia. 

Groups  (list being finalized)

The below is the schedule for the last group round for reference.  If you fill out the form, Melissa Salomon will email you when the list is finalized or check back on April 15)

  • Growth Groups for families with elementary aged children
  • Growth Group on Monday for women at Concordia (led by Melissa Salomon) at 6:30pm
  • Growth Group on Wednesdays at 6:15pm at Concordia (led by Pastor and Michelle Schmidt)
  • Growth Group for Seniors (but all ages welcome) on Thursday at 11am (at Betty Mehlenbacher’s home)
  • Growth Group on Thursdays (for men and women) led by Greg and Chris Karns at the Karns home at 6:30pm
  • Growth Group for moms on Thursday at 10am held at church (led by Jaime Hallett)

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Growth Groups April 2018
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