We provide a safe, secure, and loving environment in those hours between school and home. Your child will be able to play, have fun, and get some homework done under the supervision of capable and supportive staff. We seek to partner with parents so that when you pick up your child to go home, you’ll find your job’s a little easier.

That’s our heart.

That’s Concordia.

We are serving school programs for children in K through 6th grade who attend Camarena Elementary School, which is located right next door to our campus.


Grades K through 6th are divided into age groups in our building.

  • Safe and Secure
  • Homework assistance is available in both English and Spanish (for Dual Immersion Students)
  • Enrichment activities

To & From School Safely

Before School, Concordia staff will walk children from the Concordia campus to Camarena Elementary School where they line up with their classroom.

After School, Concordia staff will pick up children at Camarena Elementary School and escort them to the Concordia campus.

  • Kindergarten and 1st Graders will be picked up directly from their classrooms.
  • 2nd-6th Graders will meet at the lunch tables.


M-F Before and After School130
M-F Before School Only$96
M-F After School Only$115
Intersession and Summer Sessions$182

* We also offer two day and three-day programs. However, priority will be given to full week students.


After School Directors

Michelle Schmidt, B.A. Ed.

Aaron Partch, B.A. Ed.


CALENDAR for 2019-20 PDF Icon


We now have fillable forms to register for the Before and After School Program.

Instructions for completing the enrollment packet

  1. Before completing the enrollment packet verify there are openings in your child’s age bracket by calling the Before and After School Program Director at 619-656-8100.
  2. Click on the appropriate school enrollment packet using the links below.
  3. Save the PDF to your computer, renaming it with your child’s name.
  4. Open your child’s PDF file on your computer.
  5. Complete the required information. Please remember to save frequently as you complete the packet to avoid losing your information.
  6. Review your child’s information and print the completed packet. Packets do not need to be printed in color.
  7. Sign and initial pages where required. Please note individual forms may require both parents and/or guardians to sign/initial.

Enrollment Packets

If this is your first time enrolling your child in the Concordia Before and After School Program:

Before and After School Program Enrollment Packet 2019-2020 PDF Icon

If you are re-enrolling your child in the Concordia Before and After School Program:

Before and After School Program Re-Enrollment Packet 2019-2020 PDF Icon