Concordia offers Camp weeks for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks of the Chula Vista Elementary School District schedule!

Registration for Summer Camp Weeks

June 10 to July 17 (closed July 4, July 18 and 19)

Camp sessions are open from 6:30am to 6:30pm. Cost is $182 per week (except for the last, short week which is $109)

Fun Activities

  • Phys Ed, Group Games and Competitions
  • Bring your bikes/scooters to school
  • Art
  • Water play at school

Enrichment Activities

  • Academic Games and Competition
  • Cooking, Science and Crafts
  • Reading and writing activities
  • Music/Chapel

Enroll Now

If your child is already enrolled in the 2018-19 Before and After School Program, print and complete the Enrollment form below, sign, and bring to the School Office.

Enrollment Form HERE

Download the enrollment form. Scan and email to or bring in the form to the preschool office any time between the hours of 6:30am and 6:00pm.

If your child is not enrolled in the 2019-20 Before and After School Program, there is now a fillable packet to register for the Intersession/Camp Program.

Here are the steps to complete the packet.

  1. Verify there is an opening in your child’s age bracket by calling the Preschool Director at 619-656-8100.
  2.  DIRECTIONS for completing the fillable forms.
    1. Click on the appropriate school enrollment packet link below.
    2. The prompt to Open, Save As, or Cancel downloading the PDF will appear (usually at the bottom of your screen).
    3. It is recommended to select the Save As option and save this PDF document to your computer renaming it with your child’s name.  Close Concordia’s file and open your child’s file on the Desktop.
    4. Complete the required information. Please remember to save frequently as you complete the packet to avoid losing your information.
    5. Review your child’s information and print the completed packet. Packets do not need to be printed in color.
    6. Sign and initial pages where required. Please note individual forms may require both parents and/or guardians to sign/initial. Concordia Before_After Reenrollment 07.17.2018