At Concordia, we believe that it is essential to support each other in our faith life. That is why we do “Groups” at Concordia. In groups, we explore how the theme brought up in the weekend message applies in daily life. We talk, we listen, we share, we gain insight from each other, and we support each other through our weekly journey.

This round of groups launches on January 30th, and lasts for five weeks.

  1. Friday Faith Night which is held in person, at church and open to all! It will begin with a light dinner at 6pm and at 6:30pm begins the teaching. There are break out sessions for each age group. Our family minister, Alex Parker will lead.

2. Zoom group for women led by Jaime Hallett. This group lasts generally one hour.

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Growth Groups January/February 2022 (for five weeks)
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