Growth groups are an important part of Concordia’s process for growing to live and love like Jesus. Life groups are the next part of the spiritual development process.

What’s the difference between a “Growth Group” and a “Life Group?”

Growth groups are small groups of 4-12 people who meet for conversation and prayer about how Bible truth applies to everyday life. At Concordia, Growth Groups follow lessons that are written by Concordia’s staff to coordinate with the message that was preached on Sunday. Growth groups are held in 4 “seasons” during the year, each season lasting 4-6 weeks.

Life groups are another part of Concordia’s process for building generations who live and love like Jesus. Because life groups are smaller (2-4 people who agree to meet with each other consistently, 1-3 times per month, throughout the year), the sharing is more personal. There is no set curriculum or lesson for life groups. Some life groups meet for coffee. Others meet for food. Others just meet.

All life groups commit to 1) sharing with each other the joys and challenges of what is happening in their families and at work 2) asking each other how God is speaking into those situations 3) reading the verse of the day from YOUVERSION together and discussing what strikes you in that verse and 4) praying for each other.

Some life groups use the following set of questions to guide their time together:

  • How did you see God at work in your life this week?
  • What has God been teaching you in His Word?
  • What kind of conversations are you having with pre-Christians?
  • What good can you do out in the world?
  • How can we support you in prayer?