What does OUTSIDE ONSITE WORSHIP at Concordia look like?

We are in the public eye, and everything we do reflects not just on us but on churches in general.  We want to keep people safe, and we also want to provide a good example for our community. That means that we will follow state mandated COVID-19 safety protocols.   Masks are required after exiting your vehicle, 6 feet social distancing is practiced throughout our campus, and hand-sanitizing stations will be available for your use.   The service will be shorter than usual, lasting 30 – 40 minutes.  We also won’t be singing yet, since singing is also strongly discouraged at this time.  

Worshipers are asked to bring their own lawn chairs if possible (though a chair rack will be available for those not able to bring their own chairs).    Much like going to a park, you will choose your own spot for your family group to sit.  Just make sure it is at least 6 feet away from other family groups.  You will have your back to the sun during worship, but feel free to wear a hat or bring an umbrella for shade.  Sunscreen is always a good idea when outdoors.  If you use one of the metal chairs from our chair rack, leave it in place when you return to your car.    A Concordia volunteer will sanitize the chairs and return them to the chair rack.

You will receive a 1- page program each week so that you can read the parts of the service that we speak together, and so that  you have the “addresses” of the Bible passages that pastor will be discussing.   To get the most out of the Bible teaching, bring your own Bible or download a Bible app to your phone so that you can follow along.  For those who are not yet giving online, there will be a special wind- protected offering box. 

As we did when worshiping indoors, the worship service will conclude with communion.  After the elements are distributed, Pastor will say the words of institution, and we will all take communion at the same time. We will continue to use the sealed communion/wafer individual cups for now.

After the blessing, place your used communion cups in the receptacles and follow the directions given for returning to your cars.   

For those who linger to talk, remember to keep your masks on and maintain appropriate social distancing.  We want everyone to stay safe.