Spiritual Growth at Concordia

I grew up thinking that “discipleship” was an activity.  Most of the time, that activity took place for an hour, or maybe 2, on Sunday.   I was also taught that I should pray daily, and spend a little time in the Bible too.   There would occasionally be other times I’d go to church for some other “spiritual” activity as well.   

That was all good, as far as it went.    But as I’ve grown in following Jesus, I’ve started discovering that discipleship is not just an activity. Discipleship is a process.  And discipleship is a process that plays out all during the week, not just on the weekend.

COVID-19 has kept us from gathering in person for church like we’re used to doing.  I miss that.  And I miss seeing all of you.  That’s been one of the many hard things of this “new normal” in COVID-19.  But on the flip side, COVID -19 has also given us the opportunity to explore a “new normal” for providing you with multiple “access points” beyond the Sunday morning worship event  to help you grow in following Jesus.

In this COVID-19 season, there are four main access points that we are pushing out each week at Concordia.     My recommendation is that you experience EACH of them every week.  The teaching content is not a duplication.   Instead, each “access point” supports and builds on the others.   You will get the most out of the week at Concordia when you choose to participate in them all.   

Here’s what’s we’re pushing out each week.

1) Weekend messages –   This is the centerpiece of our “teaching.”  Weekend messages are an extended look into a specific Bible passage or topic.     Found on Concordia’s Facebook, YouTube, and podcast platforms, the weekend message is an “on-demand” experience that is available beginning Saturday morning.  Watch it at a time that is most convenient for you.  Because COVID-19 still has many people staying at home, we will also include singing and, in the classic format, liturgy, as a part of this experience.

2) Sunday “in-person” worship gathering –  God designed the church to gather together, and starting Sunday September 20th we will be gathering on-site in a way that, barring any new developments, will allow us to continue to meet together in person on site every week.    

Each Sunday, we will gather @ 10am for Bible teaching, prayer, and communion.

Group prayer time will focus specifically on praying for our community and our country.

The Sunday in-person teaching is designed to complement the teaching of the weekend message by exploring several additional Bible passages that are related to the Bible truths that we began to explore in the weekend message.  Each week, we will “push out” those passages via a Friday e-blast so that you can read them before Sunday.   We would love to address your questions and comments on these passages.   Please submit them to pastor @concordiachurch.com by Sunday @ 7:00am   

3) Weekly “pushouts” that drip in throughout the week on Concordia’s Facebook page

  • A short teaching video from Alex geared toward everyone in the family
  • Short “shareable” graphics developed by our media team that remind you of some of the week’s main points
  • Pastor’s Bible verse Facebook video

4) Zoom groups–    Zoom groups give you a chance  to connect with other people, to pray for the community, the country,  and each other, and to talk about how the week’s big idea at Concordia  applies to daily life.  The Bible passages in Zoom groups will not be a repeat of either the weekend message or the Sunday in-person teaching, but instead, will help you to build on what you began to discover in those other experiences.

As you can see, Concordia’s spiritual growth process is many touches during the week, not just one.  Again, I want to encourage you to experience each one of these touches during the week, especially during this “season of disconnect.” Try it and see what happens.  What have you got to lose?