We believe people need Jesus.  We believe our world and our relationships work better when people live and love like Jesus. We believe that living and loving like Jesus develops over time with intentional work and effort.

At Concordia, we look at one main Bible truth each week that helps you explore what living and loving like Jesus looks like. Each experience looks at the same big Bible truth from a slightly different angle. You can check out each experience independently. You will learn the most about living and loving like Jesus when you explore several of these complementary experiences during the week.

Weekly Teaching ONLINE

The main Bible teaching for the week is offered through an online, on your own time, at your own pace experience. You can find the weekly teaching on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook page.

Concordia’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/concordiachurchandschool
Concordia’s Youtube Channel: Concordia Church Youtube Channel

Because many people are not yet comfortable worshipping in-person during COVID-19, we have also added singing elements to the weekly teaching. Click on Classic Worship style for hymns, organ music, and liturgy and the Family Worship style for music featuring guitar and keyboard.

ONSITE Worship – Sunday at 10am

We meet for 35-40 minute in-person worship and prayer for our community and country, to look at additional Bible passages that support the weekly teaching,and to receive communion.

In the current season of COVID-19, this onsite worship is held on the Concordia plaza. We are wearing masks and sitting in socially distanced groups. We invite you to bring your own chairs. If you cannot, we also have some chairs available onsite. Complete COVID-19 protocols for onsite worship are found HERE.

BIBLE STUDY and groups

Several times a year we produce a bible study to accompany worship for your personal use or to use with your family. That would be found in the online video description of the weekly message. Or, if you want to do this study with other people we have groups who meet throughout the week on ZOOM. To find a group please contact Melissa@concordiachurch.com.

Concordia’s FACEBOOK page

Each week Alex, Concordia’s family minister, posts a video that goes a little deeper into one aspect of the weekly teaching. You’ll also see video snippets and graphics that will reinforce the core message of the weekly teaching. Click HERE to check it out.