We believe people need Jesus.  We believe our world and our relationships work better when people live and love like Jesus. We believe that living and loving like Jesus develops over time with intentional work and effort.

At Concordia, we look at one main Bible truth each week that helps you explore what living and loving like Jesus looks like. Each experience looks at the same big Bible truth from a slightly different angle. You can check out each experience independently. You will learn the most about living and loving like Jesus when you explore several of these complementary experiences during the week.

IN-PERSON Worship – Sunday at 8:30am and 10:30am

For in person worship, we offer two formats:

  • 8:30am Worship with Classic Elements, liturgy and organ music.
  • 10:30am Family Worship. Concordia’s Family Worship is aimed at all ages.  By using multiple senses and approaches, we try to make the week’s message memorable and applicable from the youngest to the oldest. In Family Worship you can expect singing, prayer, a Bible message and different activities, games, or experiences that help draw connections between what we hear at church and our lives. All of it happens in less than an hour.

ONLINE Message (posts each Saturday)

This teaching goes deep into the weekly theme. It is different from the message for the in-person worship services.

Concordia’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/concordiachurchandschool
Concordia’s Youtube Channel: Concordia Church Youtube Channel

BIBLE STUDY and groups

We believe people learn and grow together in community. We offer group studies (both in person and via zoom) three times a year in generally six week seasons. Our next season of groups begins in August of 2021. Contact melissa@concordiachurch.com for more information

Concordia’s FACEBOOK page

Each week Alex, Concordia’s family minister, posts a video that goes a little deeper into one aspect of the weekly teaching. You’ll also see video snippets and graphics that will reinforce the core message of the weekly teaching. Click HERE to check it out.