Sunday in Person

Online Messages

Every weekend we publish on Youtube and Facebook an online message. They typically will be available on Saturday morning. They will be 30-40 minutes in length. The weekend launches a week of learning how to apply God’s truth.

Online Family Messages

Online Family messages are also available every weekend. These are designed for parents to watch with their children. They will be from 10-15 minutes long and engage even young children with God’s truth in a way that allows parents to engage with their children and help them discuss it with them during the week.


Here at Concordia, we believe that together we can learn how to live and love like Jesus and support each other in the journey of connecting faith and life. Our groups are organized in 4-6 week sessions approximately 3 or 4 times a year. A good way for the whole family to experience Concordia and dig into the message of that week is to attend our Friday Faith Night group which is an experience for everyone. We begin at 6pm with a light dinner and have a whole group session before we break off into groups for all ages.

When in a group season, sign up HERE.

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